Daring Jumping Spider

Daring Jumping Spider - New Jersey

What: Daring Jumping Spider

Where: Jersey Shore, New Jersey

When: May 2018

How: This picture was taken with a Canon 5D Mark 3 and a Canon MPE65 Macro Lens. The spider was found in the backyard, I carefully captured it and placed it inside my macro insect studio and supplemented with some artificial light. The shoot lasted around 30 minutes after which the spider was released back to the spot it was picked up from. The spider was not harmed in any way. The lens allows you to scale up the subject (unlike most other macro lenses) giving you a much bigger image.

Daring Jumping Spiders are also called Bold Spiders because of their hunting abilities. Though the spider may seem friendly, they are better left alone. They are not known to be a threat to humans, but if cornered, they can bite. They are non-venomous but their bite is painful and the pain can last for a couple of days.

I personally feel these spiders are beneficial as they stalk and hunt other insects that may otherwise be non-beneficial. 

They have eight eyes and eight legs. The two front middle eyes are much larger, making it easy to identify. 

Enjoy this close up. Next time when you see one running around, stop and watch for some time, they can be quite entertaining.


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