Wolves & Wolfdogs

What: Wolves & Wolfdogs

Where:  Howling Woods Farm, 1371 W Veterans Hwy Jackson, NJ 08527

When: Best time to visit is winters, when these animals have thick fur on them.

How: These animals are so close to you that you really don't need a special camera or lens, even a point & shoot camera does a spectacular job.

Suitable for: Kids & Family Education, Photographers, Wildlife Enthusiasts


Are you scared of wolves? Everybody does, right?


But there is an animal rescue and wolfdog education center in New Jersey named "Howling Woods Farm" whose one of the top missions is to provide an on-site learning experience to dispel currently held myths about wolves. The center also help with the rescue and placement of domestic bred wolfdog hybrids and northern breeds.


Wolfdogs What!


Wolfdogs are a hybrids of wolf mixed with Siberian husky, Alaskan malamute, German shepherd or other breeds. Generally speaking, the more wolf in the mix, the more like a wolf the dog will be. 



The staff at the center is well trained and educated, they carry out quiet a lot of activities with the animals and visitors. One of the activities is to show how big a wolfdog is as compared to humans:


Or showing off the type of attachment & love these animals carry for their care taker. Heres the picture of one of the care takers feeding from her mouth :)


Visitors also get a chance to pose with their pets, I got a chance to show off too :)



The Act of Submission (Active)- This is a very cool to watch act where a submissive wolf humbles itself to its superior. The entire body of the submissive wolf is lowered and the lips and ears are drawn back. A more arched back and more tucked tail indicate a greater level of submission.



This is generally followed by muzzle licking.  Active submission often looks like a subordinate Wolf begging the dominant for forgiveness.


One may also adopt a wolfdog after following their guidelines available at https://howlingwoods.org/wolf-dog-adoptions/



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