2018 PhotoChasers Wildlife Projections

Manoj clicking a picture of a doe at Sandy Hook, NJ

Hi All ... we are back to share a lot of great stuff this year. Spent the last couple of years venturing out on the journey of some semi-professional and professional photography and videography. We do have a lot to share with you all, but to start the site with a clean slate, let us share some of the things that are on our bucket list for 2018, and how you can benefit from these.


They say, with great power, comes great responsibility. While we were out there clicking pictures of wildlife in their natural habitats, we realized that there are few kinds of people who may be interested the kind of content we share. Like it or not, here is who they are:

  • Passionate Wildlife / Bird Watchers
    These are people who really enjoy wildlife, and want to experience it first hand, without worrying about clicking pictures necessarily. We see them with binoculars instead of telephoto lenses. These wonderful people, go out of their way to make sure that wildlife is not disturbed at all by keeping their distance and observing silently from a distance.
  • Passionate Wildlife Photographers
    Again, a similar group of people like above, who take steps to ensure they are not disturbing wildlife in any way, do not feed them, do not startle them and maintain their distance safely. 
  • Tourists
    Obviously you are out on a vacation, and learn about a rare bird sighting and you show up with your cameras and phones. Some are nice and keep their distance while some cross that fine line and end up hurting wildlife.
  • Camera Clowns
    Obviously this term refers to people who have no idea about wildlife, nature conservation and absolutely do not care about it's well-being and will go as close to wildlife as possible that results in the animals getting startled, running away and getting killed by cars, or abandoning their nesting grounds, etc. 

We do not want any information that we share on this website to get into the hands of those who do not deserve it (sorry for being blunt, but that's a fact). We do care for wildlife, we want out children and their children to be able to enjoy it as much as we do. Therefore, we will only share general information here on the public end of the site, but if you are a wildlife photographer who cares about wildlife, you can contact us for locations, links and tips. 

So to start off the year, we shortlisted New Jersey Wildlife as our preferred subject. We will go out, click pictures of wildlife that we come across, and share details with you out there. Eventually maybe even allow some of you to contribute to this website, as long as we can educate and inspire people to be careful and respect nature. 

Photographers clicking pictures of Snowy Owl from a safe distance

In the picture above, you can see a group of photographers at a beach in New Jersey clicking pictures of a migrating Snowy Owl, from a safe distance. 

With that said, stay tuned for more, follow us on Facebook (as we tend to do FB Live from our sites and share pictures while on the go).


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